Working In Shadow Leigh Part II
Alright Grandma are you ready to go to work? Calvin Murphy ask yeah yeah yeah I am ready to go back to working at the prison replied Catherine Murphy. We got to be very busy down in the laundry room we gotta leave now come on let’s go said Calvin Murphy. Alright we got a lot to do wow they left us with a lots of work we gotta fold up towels, fold up the pee pads, stack up the wash cloths hang up the clothes, and take them up to the patient’s room said Calvin Murphy. Now that’s a lot wow we will be some very very busy people I don’t know Calvin I don’t know if I am able to do this all by myself replied Catherine Murphy don’t worry grandma I am here to help now let’s get busy said Calvin. Alright the towels, the pads, and the wash cloths are all dry now let’s fold them said Catherine Murphy and after that we will get started on the clothes replied Calvin. Hello lovely people said Ms. Murfarge Hello Ms. Murfarge it’s good to see you I am happy to see you today replied Calvin Oh Calvin I am happy to see you and Catherine I stop by to say hello and give you heads up on the nurses here okay so apparently five nurses just quit there job working here said Ms. Murfarge. I wonder why? Calvin ask because they can’t take some of the patients we have some elderly white people that stays here and they are racist they say racial words towards our nurses replied Ms. Murfarge. Wow that’s sad I mean nobody deserves to be treated badly said Catherine that’s right Catherine we are all equal I am happy that you spoke today because it helped and made my day replied Ms. Murfarge I agree said Calvin alright I will see you both later I better get back to work I don’t won’t to get in trouble it’s good seeing the both of you replied Ms. Murfarge. Alright grandma we need to hang these clothes up and I got the paper I see Gordon Revels, Johnny Stone, Sir Alexander Murphy II, Matilda Murphy, Jenna Benson, Frieda Scumburg, Layla Simmons, Sylvia Simmons, Owen Jones, Bernadine Jones, Betty Lawless, Polly Lawless, Judith Ramsey, Henry Mullur, and Jacob Mullur said Calvin. Alright now you call the numbers out and I will hang them up in the right number replied Catherine alright said Calvin. Now you know your uncle and your aunt are here? Replied Catherine you mean my uncle Sir Alexander, and my aunt Matilda? Wow I was just about to say when did they got checked in? Calvin ask Oh yesterday but I don’t know if they are staying in here too long said Catherine why you think that? Calvin ask because I am going to call their children and tell them how bad this place is replied Catherine. Good luck with that said Calvin alright I am going to deliver these clothes up to every patient room I will be back replied Catherine alright I will be in here washing more laundry said Calvin. Oh my goodness Calvin guess what happened said Catherine what? Calvin ask I saw Judith Ramsey she acts like she really doesn’t have any good sense I saw her talking racially to a black woman she was fussing at this black woman and called her the n words it was so horrible replied Catherine. You know what that’s not nice we need to report this to our boss said Calvin no no grandson it won’t do any good replied Catherine alright let’s get busy we have a lots more clothes to hang up said Calvin. Alright I gotta go put these wet laundry in the dryer you can finish up folding up those towels and pads replied Catherine alright and after this we will both go upstairs and deliver the rest of these patient’s clothes replied Calvin.
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