Achieve your dreams no matter what
I used to excell in school. I was an A student..but I fell so sick while writing my metric exams. I wanted to study medicine and I got accepted in one of the universities because of my standard nine results.

Unfortunately I couldn't further my studies because I began suffering from depression. So it took many years for me to recover from this illness. I am now in the process of writing books ..and I love what I do. I love writting..It became my passion.

My dreams are being fulfilled once again. I thank God for blessing me with this talent for writing and I'm writting inspirational books ...inordet to encourage the world about the reality of God's existence and that Jesus is so real..My advice to you is never give up on your dreams no matter what you have to endure.
Don't let anyone or any situation hinder you from achieving your dreams. Remember our plans are not always God's plan for our lives. My advice to you is arise..from your situation ..and be an overcomer ..to those of you who are facing adversiry. whilst in the process of achieving your dreams. Trust God always ..may God make your dreams a reality as well!