naturals ice cream
fruits icecream, icecream, best ice cream, types of ice cream, real fruit icecream Small pieces of tender coconut, the crunch of Anjeer, fresh chunks of mango – when customers visit Naturals Ice Cream and take their first bite – we notice that their first reaction is a wide smile, one derived from biting into a piece of fruit! We live in a world where so many food products are commercialized with additives and we almost miss eating foods the way it should be! For the longest time when consumers craved iced treats – they would often purchase ice creams that were fruit flavoured – there was always a gap of having a product made with actual fruit itself. This is when our founder R S Kamath walked into the industry and changed the game. Belonging to a simple home where his father was a fruit vendor, as a child he spent a lot of time understanding the world of fruits.He converted his curiosity into reality and moved to the city of dreams where he set up his first business – a pav bhaji stall with a side of fruit ice cream. These types of ice cream were made with natural fruit, milk and sugar. RS Kamath started off with 12 flavours and today we have 100+ flavours.