The Writer. Ep. 4
A week later, I'm back at the honorable's home. Okay, no Uyai's home. Since she insisted I call her by her given name. I sat in her office chair facing her, while she went through some documents. In my hand was my handy jotter and pen. I got this specifically for this job cause I want to be ready at all times.

"I need a short article on General Gowon Ben. Here" she tossed the documents to me. It landed in front of me with a thud and I just stared at it.

"Go through that. Be precise, get out every important detail. I want this article to be straight to the point"

One of her bodyguards came forward and handed me a black medium sized box. I hurriedly dropped my jotter and pen on my lap and collected the box from him.

"That's for you indefinitely. Even if you stop working for me, it'll always be yours" said Uyai.

"Thank you," I said, my voice filled with gratitude.

She nodded once at me.

I sat still with the box in my hand and stared at her. We said nothing.

She looked at me and I looked right back. Thinking; what do I do now?

"Well, go on now, go to work," she said suddenly. Breaking the silence.

I got up quickly with the box in my hand dropping my jotter and pen in the process.

"Dang" came the childish curse from my lips.

"I'll get that for you," said the bodyguard.

I looked up at him and smiled shyly, "thank you"

He nodded his head once after picking up my jotter and pen and placed them on the black box I was holding.

"Rago, why don't you take her to the room she'll be in whenever she'll have to stay here," said Uyai.

"Of course ma" he answered obediently.

And off we went. With me trudging right behind him with the black box in my hands.

................. ...................... ................... ................

Two hours had gone by and I was staring at my mac-pro screen. What I have written is enough to send a president to prison for life. This General Gowon is a snake in a sheep's clothing. Goodness me of all the things he has done, the worst is of him being a pedophile. How does he sleep at night? How does his wife sleep at night? Wait, does his wife even know he is a pedophile?

All these thoughts ran through my brain when I heard a mild knock on my door.

"Come in" I called taking my eyes off the screen to see who it is.

Uyai walked in.

"Are you done?" she asked. Sitting on the edge of my bed.

"This can't be published" I stated.

"It can. But it won't. I'm still doing some investigations on him. Once I get enough proof, it'll be out in the open for everyone to know who he truly is"

I cocked my head to the side, "then why write about it? Why not get all the proof you need before you write about it? Isn't it better to even handle it to the police?"

Her lips twisted in a cute way, "well, you see, Ireyi, politics is a very dirty game. I'm a woman. For me to play this game I have to be ruthless. A lot of people in this game of politics don't like me because I'm a woman. But I really don't care. I'm here to take people like Gowon out of the game, out of the system. Because its people like him that turn the world into a pile of rubbish. By causing youngsters to live useless, careless lives. Due to the mental trauma, they've passed through"

"But again can't the police handle this?" I asked.

"No Ireyi. The police cannot handle this because the police work for him. These big men in politics are in control of the police. So I have to do something to expose them publicly. In that way, they can't hide from the truth"

It was then I knew whom I was working for. A freaking vigilante.


............................. .........................

After I had sent the article into a flash drive, and I had handed it over to Uyai, I went to the kitchen cause I was hungry.

Walking in, I saw "the guy" yup, I saw the chef.

He was slicing and dicing and about two to three pots were on the fire. Now this kitchen I'm standing in is an expensive kitchen. It is huge, top of the class appliances such as built-in refrigerator, top of the line oven, microwave, deep fryer, and others.

The flat screen TV was on and the station airing was MTV base. Tiwa Savage was singing "I'm one of them"

I cleared my throat to get his attention.

He didn't hear me.

I did it again.

He still didn't hear me. So I moved closer and cleared my throat again.

Without looking up from what he was doing, he said "I heard you the last two times Ireyi"

"Then why didn't you answer me?" I asked.

"Because I don't want to" was his reply.

I was beginning to get pissed. I mean the nerve of him.

"Do you know you're very arrogant and rude" I stated the obvious moving closer to the black slab where he was slicing and dicing.

"Yeah, and I don't give a hoot"

"A hoot? Why don't you say the F word? Cause apparently that word describes you better"

"The F word describes me better? How?" he asked, looking up at me.

"You, my dear friend are an F–tard"

Personally, I think I aced that. Now he'll know just how much I dislike him.

He stared at me for a beat. His eyes blinking rapidly.

Oh my God, did I break him?

He kept blinking. Then suddenly, the blinking stopped. And the next thing he did took me by surprise. This arrogant F-tard laughed. He laughed so hard and so loud he was pointing at me and hitting the slab with his palm. That's how bad his laughter was.

"What's funny?" I asked. I wasn't finding anything funny.

In between his laughter, he said, "I... you... you can't...you can't... say... f..ff..fff.. Fuck tard" then he laughed out again before continuing, "you.. can't say the word... the word,... fuck!" then he promptly fell to the ground.

I waited a bit then stretched forward on my toes with my palms flat on the slab as I stared down at him.

Brilliant. I killed him with my stupidity.


"Hey girl" greeted Sasha. I was in my living room pondering on the little information I had gotten about Senator Gowon. I still can't believe that man is a pedophile. Goodness me the kids he has tormented.

"Ireyi, are you okay?"

I looked at her a bit lost.

"Yeah, I'm good"

"Sure? You don't look good" she said. Sitting beside me.

A fake smile curved my lips as I tried to act normal around her. I was on a contract not to mention any of my business to anyone. Not even to my family. If I do, I could endanger their lives. So my mouth has to be shut when it comes to the dealings of my working with Uyai.

"I'm good Sasha. What's up?"

"You've been secluded. Was worried. So here I am"

She took my fingers into hers holding them. I looked down at our joined hands.

God has blessed me with the most amazing friend in the whole world.

My eyes moved up to hers, "Do you know you're the most amazing friend in the whole world?"

She looked taken back.

"I am?" she asked.

I nodded my head smiling {this wasn't fake} and wishing I could tell her about some of my work with Uyai.

She smiled, "You know you can tell me anything right? You can trust me" oh Sasha, She knows me so well.

"Yes Sasha, I know I can trust you. And trust me when I say I'm good. You don't need to worry about me"

She looked at me doubtfully but conceded all the same.

"Well, if you say so"

"I do," I said quietly.