The letter.
The letter carried brief instructions: 'Meet me at the corner of the street', it read. But who was it from?

The crowd was loud. Lots of people everywhere, talking, laughing, dancing and having fun. I stood behind the bar serving drinks cause it’s what I do. I mean I’m a bartender. But by day, I’m a student. I’m in my final year and let me tell, it’s the hardest of them all.
My boyfriend and I have been dating since high school. It’s what we nowadays call high school sweethearts. I’ve never been more safe and happy when I’m with him. And he feels the same way because he has told me before and he has also shown it.
Every night in the bar is usually rowdy and loud. But to night’s crowd is more intense. My family members are here, his family members are here. My friends are here, his friends are here. Even my neighbor down the street from my house is here. I mean I can’t figure out why they are all here.
I asked my dad why he’s suddenly at the bar and he’s answer was “what, can’t someone have a good drink with family?” I rolled my eyes as I walked away. Yeah, good drink indeed.
A few hours later, the crowd still hadn’t died down. And I noticed everyone I know is here except my boyfriend. Anyway, he sent me a text saying something important came up, so he couldn’t come to see me at work. Usually, he does but tonight, it won’t be possible. My boyfriend is also a final year student, majoring in Arts. He’s extremely gifted with his fingers some say he could be the next Leonardo da, Vinci. Personally, I think they are right.
A man came to the bar and ordered a drink, I made it and gave it to him. He gave me his bill but also an envelope.
I looked at the envelop then looked at him.
“What’s this?”
He looked right back at me and said, “Read it”
Then he downed his drink and left.
I flipped the envelope through my fingers, checking it out. There was nothing written on it. It was a purple envelope. My favorite color.
I opened the envelop, to my amazement, my favorite perfume came flowing out, permeating my senses. It’s as if the inside of the envelope was doused in it.
My heart rate began to increase.
I looked inside the envelope to see it had a paper inside, I pulled it out and opened it. It was a letter.
It had no address but it was written to me. It was a very short letter. The letter carried brief instructions: ‘Meet me at the corner of the street’, it read. But who was it from?
I looked around for the guy one more time but I didn’t see him. Thinking he needs me to meet him, I decided to go outside. But first, I asked Shawn one of the securities of the bar to go with me. He gladly agreed.
We got to the corner of the street and there on the wall written in bold, white letters was a simple, short question. Will you marry me?
I gasped, then used my palms to cover my opened mouth. From the corner of the street, out from the dark, my boyfriend came forth. In his hands, he held a bouquet of white daisies, my favorite and he was looking dashing.
He got to me and went down on one knee while I trembled. Not in fear but excitement and total happiness.
“My sweet Adeline. We have known each other for ages. You are my best friend, my confidant, my true love. Please, baby, will you marry me?”
I stood there shaking. Totally surprised that this was happening.
I stared at him for a few seconds still shaking.
Someone shouted from behind me, “come on, put him out of his misery!”
That voice was my dad. I laughed as I looked behind me to see almost everyone from the bar was watching. Some were taking pictures and videos.
I looked back at my boyfriend and said the one word everyone was dying to hear. A word that will change my life forever.