Ralia couldn't get pregnant for her husband to-be even when their wedding drew closer. Her Man's family had insist she must be pregnant before marrying their son; they had emphasized it was tradition, to see how fertile she is as a woman.

But, taking-in for Kuti was a problem that's refused to go away. It was growing into an everyday menace and nightmare with pressure mounting on her.

Her husband's patience was wearing thin and his family's was worse.

Days ago, she secretly overheard her man having a flirty conversation on phone with someone she suspected was a woman at the other end. He was making an appointment to meet. She couldn't believe it.

As tension grew, and pressure kept mounting. Kuti's family began instigating him to pick another woman who is fertile for child-birth before marriage. They had conceded Ralia was sterile and not good enough for their son, especially marrying him.

Kuti's mother had threw shades of mockery at her, labeling her a "barren woman" and his sister referring to her as a man.

Ralia would cry many times and pray and cry even harder but nothing changed. She had sought counsel from people to try things; all in a bid to get pregnant and not lose her supposed husband. Nothing worked. Everything she tried, proved abortive.

She'd ask herself in pity, "who'll marry me if Kuti leaves. I'm nearly 35 and in my prime. I'm getting old" she'd lament.

To make situation worse; Kuti is beginning to threaten her to leave if she doesn't get pregnant the next few weeks before wedding. He's already flirting with other women, openly. Among them was his ex-girlfriend Leah whom he broken up with due to same pregnancy issue. Ralia knew about it.

As time went on, Kuti secretly got Leah pregnant, his ex whom he'd been in constant communication with since his relationship with Ralia went really sour and beyond repair.

Everything fell apart. Ralia left the house back to her father's house especially as things had metamorphosed into verbal and physical abuse from Kuti.

Kuti is planning a new wedding with Leah, she is already weeks pregnant. Marriage rights and formalities is been done, only the court-wedding is left to be consummated, which is scheduled for next Saturday.

Days to the wedding, Ralia showed up at Kuti's house saying she just found out she was pregnant and he's responsible, but he didn't care nor blink. He simply laughed it off; branding her unserious, desperate and asked to leave!

He is marrying Leah and the plan is to leave the country immediately after the wedding. He got a job.

Ralia is confused, she doesn't know what to do. She felt abandoned. She couldn't tell anyone, not even her parent about the pregnancy.

In her moment of despair and sadness, she met Mike, an old friend. He profess love to her and she fell for him and marries him with pregnancy that's not his. Everything happened so fast, as she was already pregnant.

Meanwhile, Kuti, who she was pregnant for is outside the country leaving happily and had moved on with his life. He has a daughter now and she's grown.

Ralia birthed a son who shares resemblance with her ex. But her husband doesn't know the son is not his. He's been deceived and he doesn't know, yet.

Last week, Kuti had stumbled into Ralia on Instagram after 2years and they reconnected. He goes through her pictures and sees a boy that looks like him. He felt so uneasy and then recall Ralia said she was pregnant and he shrugged it off.

He chats her up, and after going back and forth she agreed the son is his but her husband doesn't know and she'd love to keep it that way. Especially to protect her marriage.

A conundrum? Yes! Kuti couldn't believe this was happening. He couldn't tell his wife what was going on? How would she take it? He considered reaching out to Ralia's husband to divulge the truth, but he's doesn't know how. He thought about their marriage; he doesn't want to be responsible for any chaos.

He told his parents, they didn't offer much advise, and Leo his friend. But Leo pointed that "3 out of 10 Nigerian men are not the biological fathers of their children and Nigeria ranks 2nd highest for paternity fraud". And, Mike is a victim. Kuti was even more confused. "A huge quagmire" Leo said.

Days later, Kuti finally decides to reach Mike to talk. He thought it was the right thing to do. He couldn't let another man suffer for his mistake. Even though it could be catastrophic.

He got Mike's contact and reached out. introduced himself and explained there's an issue and it's a dicey one. Mike says no problem. He obviously don't know the gravity.

Kuti began explaining, Mike couldn't believe it. He saw pictures. it is true. He couldn't breathe, he slumped to the ground. He was rushed to the hospital. But doctor said he was going to be fine. it's was anxiety.

Finally, He wakes up and it was a dream. He came in tired from the office and slept off on the sofa and was in a long dream. Mike's not even married.

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