Do you believe in ghosts? What will you do if you see one? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity? I'm not sure if it was a paranormal incident, a ghost, or just my imagination playing tricks on me. It was a cold evening, and I was coming from school as usual, but today I was a little late; it was around 5:30 p.m., and I was at the market waiting for a cab, but to my awful luck, no one came. So, i made up my mind to walk by foot, it's funny i felt someone is walking behind and when I turned back no one was there, at first I believed i was day dreaming.However, after a while, I felt as if someone was breathing into my ears, which annoyed me and made me feel a little sacred. The path I was heading was full of darkness, and I didn't have my torch with me. I was walking like a blind man; the only difference was that I had vision, whereas the blind man did not. I still feel like I'm being pursued, and with each step I take, it grows closer. Now, I began to hear my name called in terrible phrases.

I noticed the light of a torch, as if someone was approaching me; it was getting closer and closer, and when I lost sight of it for a second, it went. At first, I assumed he had taken another route, but as I remembered, there is no other route. Now that's when things began to change. I was terrified to death and was remembering God in my heart. I was breathing quickly, my hands and legs shook, but I kept walking. After a time, I noticed someone seated downstairs. As I go closer, I can see him more clearly. He wore a black jacket that was neither too young nor too elderly, with little long hair and a small moustache. He was whispering, and I assumed he was intoxicated, so I took my steps faster and got a little down, then turned back, but he wasn't there; perhaps he went his way. I finally made it home and undressed, reflecting on how difficult the day had been. I was drinking tea and scrolling my phone when I read news of a 22-year-old guy who killed himself, and it was the one I saw before. it night I couldn't sleep, and the next day I had a fever for a week.

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