A Day Worth Remembering
Will such a day ever come again?
The midnight sun overnight,
I Took my stand;
Flew over France; back to England.

Yearned for a retreat, awaiting a layoff
Some Time ,with family
The day Oh so lively
Who knew the truth was so far away
With the Dakota losing its oversight
Such a day was tonight.

The flight that seemed easy at first
had a deadly thirst.
For In the sight that came
A storm- Which one couldn't tame

It was a risk,worth a chance
Couldn't let myself break so fast
Took over the last fuel tank
Into the storm, twirling back

The wings of Dakota spread far and wide,
Over the storms and seas of a deadly flight

The clouds of living darkness
A blanket of night
Gripping the Dakota in a deathly embrace -ever so tight

Voidness filled my view
Courage took a chance
Embedded in the daylight hue
-A goodbye to France

A setback that was left awaited
Filled the heart with dread
It was sudden that compass and radio were dead

Just then when the hope was all lost
Thought it's the end- would die frozen in frost;
Came a shining flare of hope,
Piercing through the darkness
Guiding back to light.

The knight in the shining armor
Guided the way a little longer.
It took a turn,
Hope held firm.

The clouds admist the dark passed by
Two straight lines of light -I saw a runway
A sudden realisation swept in
There wasn't any other plane
Running on the lane
Someone that appeared,admist the dark
Had left without any mark.

(It narrates a story in a form of a poem. Thanks)
© All Rights Reserved

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