Poem For A Friend - Gardening
I love gardening of any kind, it's really relaxing and peaceful for my mind.

I pull up all the weeds, replacing them with my favourite seeds.

I make sure I cut the grass, before the rain is about to pass.

When it rains I watch the showers, and how my plants turn into beautiful flowers.

I love looking after nature and my pond, and how we really bond.

My dogs love running around, smelling all the lovely smells coming from the ground.

Always happily running around are my dogs, but they are a bit wary of the pond frogs.

Taking a break in the beautiful sun, eating a lovely bun.

I love it when I see a rainbow, it really makes my garden glow.

My garden I really love, I bet it looks great from above.

I adore my garden and it's great for me, my garden is my favourite place to be.
Belinda Manton
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