My last page...🌿
I just started writing
where is the last page, unknown
I never thought of writing, but now I'm writing
the tears of sorrow & smiles of happiness
coming out from my pen
the time floats only forward, but the life floats only backward.
The time comes whistling
I realize the last page is here
but now ,
time has not any last, so I'm immortal
the time will goes forward
I will give you all, a mark sheet at my end
the belongings will come
the belongings will go
the writer's will go
the writer's will come
there will be not any last page
but honoring there will be a last page

today is the beginning
today is the last page....of mine...🌿

#first& last
#As the first page sells the book...
& the last page sells your next 📚📚 (mickeyspillane)