I'll be your Moonlight
Amid the chaos, Amid the plight,
When this world crumbles, And thoughts dim your light.
I'll hold you in my arms, And sing you a song,
Stroke your hair, When winds go wrong.

For when these tears, Cover your sight,
I'll be the sky, To your Moonlight.

In the stillness of the night, I'll be your guide,
Through shadows deep, Where fears reside.
In whispered dreams, Where hopes take flight,
I'll be your anchor, Holding you tight.

For when these storms, Shake your might,
I'll be the calm, In your Moonlight.

When doubts cloud your mind, And stars seem far,
I'll be the clarity, Like a shimmering star.
In the dance of shadows, Where doubts ignite,
I'll be your certainty, Burning bright.

For when uncertainty, Beckons the fight,
I'll be your beacon, In your Moonlight.

So let the world spin, And troubles abound,
In my embrace, You'll always be found.
With every heartbeat, With every plight,
I'll be your constant, In the darkest night.

For in your darkness, I'll be your light,
Forever intertwined, In the glow of Moonlight.

© Inaya

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