I want to love you like the morning sun,
Which out of habit brightens each day,
Without considering it as a duty
But in a natural, effortless way.
I want to hold you close to my chest,
Listening to the song of my heartbeat
while you rest.
I will not cage your freedom when you fly,
But let me be the home you return to,
A place to feel comfort and love
Where your mind and spirit renew.
I will not anchor you when your ship floats away,
Let me be the lighthouse on your horizon,
Guiding you back to safety each day.
If I can’t be your painkiller,
Let me be the bandage on your wound,
Mending the hurts life bestows,
Healing with a love that’s attuned.
I will not be the string to your kite
But let me be the wind beneath your wings,
Propelling you towards your dreams,
Like a gentle breeze that softly sings.
I want to be your steadfast companion,
And love you—
A habit so natural, like petals unfurled
Let me love you with all I am
Because my darling, you deserve the world.

© NeethalSequeira