Strings and Bonds
What became of your sight?
"A light so bright did it" she said
Take my eye, I can bear this not
That way we still see each other's beauty
I your left, and you my right

What became of your taste?
"An acrid poison did it" she said
Come forth with your meals
That way you'll feel the depiction
I'd taste and tell a tale for all

What became of your hearing?
"A banshee's cry did it" she said
Take my ear, I can bear this not
That way I'd never be tortured
By thee being lost from my voice

What became of your touch?
"A blazing fire did it" she said
Hold unto me for eternity
That way I'd enclose you in my arms
From harm and every threat

What became of your smell?
"A pungent flower did it" she said
Take from me mine as well
That way we'd adapt and learn
To perceive our love alone

These are momentary,
Our strings will revive your senses
My wish be to ingest thy pain
While gazing calmly
And your smile, relieving mine

© thekhan
Day 017/100