Footprints In The Sand
The sun may shine for me
Brightening up my sky
Wind, may caress my cheek
As I leisurely walk by
They fall gently
As blessings from above
Sent to me
Sent to me with love
White clouds drift by
Each light and soft
Blue skies, are heavenly
As I wander underneath
Fresh air fills my lungs
Breathe it in, deep
I'm alive
I'm living
Life is wonderful, and good
Wonder at each sky
Day and night
Sunshine blesses day
Moon & stars the night
I wonder, at each one
And wonder yet again
That I witness such beauty
Again, again and again
Life is worth living
When you appreciate it all
When you walk amongst nature
And look towards the sky
There are wonders before you
Every single day, so
Take your shoes & socks off
And walk barefoot in the sand...
© PoetReBlossoms