follow me to that place unknown
where we commune with nature
water running through our feet
the cold surge swells our brain

follow me to the mountain top
let’s listen to the gushing of wind
we are almost touching the sky
the fluffiness is so alluring

following me into the woods
the sound of animal calls
the wood pecker makes the best beat
owls eyes feels like a spot light

follow me into the darkness
let’s resonate and listen to the unknown
we discover ourselves more when we are alone
can you hear the rhythm of your heartbeat?

follow me into the deep
let’s explore the ocean with our swim suits
there is a better world beneath
the land is too polluted

follow me to the place of cremation
let the fire and flame caress my remains
let them spread my ashes to the wind form a mountain top
Mother Nature smiles and bid me welcome with a hug

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29 Feb 2024
© tonyseunleigh