The Garden of Dreams
My heart desires a special one.
But my mind is filled with fears,making me feel numb.
A struggle of war stirs within.
To pursue this passion
or to stay in my din?

My soul says Go! don't hesitate!
But self doubt whispers of risks that are too great!
I'm frozen at this crossroads,
like winter's chill.
Dreaming to a journey
where my heart can fulfill.

The desire and the fear on opposite sides,
Like a river diverging where courage abides.
Though steps may stumble, like leaves in the breeze,
My heart remains true, with unwavering ease.

In the garden of dreams, the flowers bloom.
If I follow the path, scattering the gloom.
Sweet rewards await like the sun's warm rays in winter,
Guiding my heart and giving my life its luster.

© Gokul Upadhyay 'Himank'