Poetry Bars
I've got a secret, but in this day and age MF's couldn't keep it , it'll probably go over your head , cause the weak minded , couldn't conceive it , wether it's blue or red , the color of your attire , is just a reason , to hate your own people , even if you choose , not to believe it , we're all created equal , so why you acting so facetious , you can lead a horse to water , but you cant make him drink it , and of course you steal , beg and barrow so , sucka will delete this , we all are sons and daughters of a higher power , please believe it , connected by are triumphs and our pain , so give them flowers while theyre breathing , this life is not a game , and the streets are full of leaches , if you view it like a lame , you could get unalived for no reason , I'm thankful all the same , cause I'm old enough to see it , if the bag , will make them change , then you should watch who your around and you eat with , I guess it's like a follow train , what makes you laugh , will make you speechless , but as a people, if we don't change , we won't be around much longer , to even see 💩!
© ockindev213