Bleak Times
When it rains, it pours,
the thunder strikes,
the hurricanes destroy,
the tornadoes take out acres
in their wake.

The sky turns dark,
as life is designed that way,
are they messages
from the universe
for things that have gone astray?

The political scenes
have ripped the concrete,
pushed out all values
that carried life forward,
becoming mockery and lies
that bury truths they can’t stand.

Every nation across the world,
has seemed to turn to turmoil,
as the systems are weakened,
giving little hope,
the cries of the small
in the upside down twirl.

With prices consistently rising,
wages consistently decreasing,
businesses steadily closing,
crime rates on a steady rise,
law enforcement being tied,
is history repeating?

The inventions of election fraud,
the push and shove of governments,
the weaponized systems
of political opponent persecution,
life is taking a deep dive
in a dark, fury ravine,
the place with no shine.

The rains and storms
of life always comes the hardest
with strong people of life
who truly deserve the sun
and the only source of the sun
is the one who created life.

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@Becky M Scranton