Tragedy II
You'd think that once you feel
Your heart ache so immensely,
Like it was mauled from your chest,
That you would fear love.
Yet when it comes beckoning
With sweet lies and butterflies
You close your eyes, inhale, exhale, then smile
As you give your heart away once again
Telling yourself that...
"This time would be different."

Alas! Once again, like deja vu,
You find yourself, tucked away
In the backseat of your car
At the end of the airstrip by the sea,
Legs to chest, head to knees,
Trying to hold the severed bits
Of yourself together.
But this time you don't seem to care
If anyone else notices
That you're actually falling apart.

What a tragedy it must be
When the only thing you think
Can make you feel whole again
Are the arms of the one who
Broke you.
© King.Canvas