I held her close
her eyes were the color of mine
but she had your nose
and she had your laugh

the giggle she let out
made my soul smile
and healed a part of me
a part of me that only you and her could

you came up to us
and kissed my forehead
then you turned to look at her
and your gaze lit up
and all I could think
was that I was so happy to give you this gift
this gift of life

all of the sudden
I looked down and she was crying
but she was also fading
with each crying she started to disappear
and I frantically started to cry
where was she going?
where was my baby?
I turn to look at you
and suddenly
you were gone too

my eyes flew open and tears pour out
I was alone in my bed
she wasn’t real
and you weren’t here
and I was alone
and she wasn’t real
and you weren’t here

© AllisonKC07

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