Unfortunately Lovestruck
In the realm of whispers and stolen glances,
Where emotions dance in clandestine trances,
Exists a secret deep and hidden,
A crush on my best friend, forbidden.

Cloaked in the cloak of friendship's guise,
I yearn for more, but my heart denies,
For fear of shattering our precious bond,
I bury these feelings, far beyond.

But oh, the way they flutter and soar,
These butterflies that I can't ignore,
When your laughter fills the air around,
My heart skips beats, a familiar sound.

We walk side by side, hand in hand,
Yet my fingers long to intertwine, expand,
To feel the warmth of your skin on mine,
But I shroud these thoughts, oh so divine.

Through shared secrets and stolen smiles,
Our friendship blooms, free from any trials,
Yet every now and then, I catch a glimpse,
Of something more, a love on the brink.

In the depths of night, when silence falls,
I lay awake, my heart's voice it calls,
Dreaming of a world where our souls entwine,
Where love's symphony plays, sweet and divine.

But reality whispers, a cautionary tale,
To risk it all, to let emotions prevail,
Could jeopardize the bond we hold so dear,
And so I keep this secret, veiled in fear.

For who am I to disrupt the harmony,
Of a friendship pure, a sanctuary,
Yet my heart yearns, it longs to confess,
This secret crush, a tangled mess.

So I'll cherish our friendship, true and strong,
And let my feelings silently prolong,
In this eternal dance of friendship's bliss,
A secret crush, forever amiss.
© PheonixPierce