You let me Go ❤️❤️❤️💜♥️💜♥️
When I met u I was your sister friend but she want revenge I learn that friends aren't always your friend I learn hurt people cause pain but it oh ok
You let me go so I can grow and I want let you change me I got learn life has lesson we not meant be the best thing you taught me that people would let down but it oh ok I will bounce back and prosper now
Some people only there for a season but I wont cry I want fall you let me down but I'm tall no one can reach me now
I'm sorrow and now you won't see me
You wont get the best of me you let me go so I'm going to see me shiny so bright as the sun it oh ok you I'm going to be oh ok You let me go now I can work on me
You cant break me down
I wish u nothing but the best and now I'm put God first and myself and my child first now
You let me go now I got continue and love me
You will regret the day you went up against me because u lose a diamond for a ruby
I held you down when u had no job I was there through it all
I'm stronger than all the right and I'll stand firm steady humble through it all
Even though you came against me I'm smile and shiny and winning because the best of me is our son he is the best part of me and thank to God his my blessing