The Ephemeral Dance of Hearts.
You took my pulse without ever touching me,
Like honey and flowers, you were my bumblebee

Your stare cast a spell in the moonlit dance.
Only our hearts could hear the whispers of secrets.
We danced beneath the moon in the dusk of dreams, to the sounds of a silent symphony and the notes of a secret tune.

Your laughter rang out like a song in the night.
We embraced the starlight while chasing shadows.
Our fates are intertwined in the tapestry of time.
A sophisticated and nuanced emotional kaleidoscope.

Nonetheless, fate woven a story of transitory grace, like petals drifting in love's elusive embrace.
We strolled along the hallways of longing.
A wild and uncontrollable love story.

You coloured my world with the colours of desire,
A flame masterpiece, an unquenchable fire.
However, seasons change and murmurs vanish.
In the dwindling light, there are echoes of affection.

Your soul is preserved in the tapestry of recollections, In the calm evening showers, a haunting refrain. You took my blood pressure without ever touching me. A love that was immortal, beyond what the eyes could see.

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