Nature is our home
It is always part of the unknown.
But sadly we are not taking good care of that home...
Breaking it down to the bone

Burning down the forests
Nature was blooming and had beautiful trees before us.
The butterfly's and animals losing their habitats
Putting around rabbit traps

Isn't that just a shame
Have you noticed what we have became?
Pollution everywhere, even in our oceans
I don't care if you say nature doesn't have emotions!

Mother nature is suffering because of our cruelty
We all are just as guilty.
Thinking you can just leave to Mars once Earth has been destroyed
Thinking you can do whatever to avoid

But let this sink in
No matter what you do, the earth is irreplaceable, no matter what you begin.
You're just scared of Earth's unknown because you don't have the guts to comprehend!
But listen here my my friend, the more you break down our home, where we swore and was born, our lives will all come to an end.
© Haley-Jade Burger