Heart and Mind
Fusion work by

Skyking - the mind
Aboorva - the heart



I, being a human, anticipate only love;
All I want the world and the moon
I love collecting everyone's focus
Let me be the most beloved
Praised, prized and victor'd
With smiles and joys, of all my life.

I vow an endless bliss
I craft what I desire
For if my desire dies;
Life is a broken-winged bird
I cannot ascend the fly
If equal affection cannot be found
I'd rather perish than grieve


The Almighty,
~ ☁Sky King 👑 ~

Mind :
I had warned you multiple times,
Be careful when you are in your primes.
When you are tensed,
it impacts me as well,
Converting everything to a living hell.

Always manipulated by short-term happiness,
And save you from loneliness.
I factor all experiences,
and take right actions,
But you are always trapped in distractions.

I know you desire and aspire a good deal of stuff,
But you need to learn how to identify bluff.
Only when we are synchronized,
life sails smoothly,
And enjoy the life and be happy abundantly.


© Sky king and Aboorva

Your Majesty,
We are blessed to have a sovereign as wise and just as you🙏
Long live the king!!!