Twin Flame
In the realm where passions fiercely ignite,
Two souls collided, in a cosmic flare,
Inseparable, entwined, forever bound,
Their love, a symphony of stars aflame,
In moonlit nights, their hearts would dance with light,

A love so rare, a celestial profound.

They met amidst the chaos, worlds unfound,
A meeting ordained by destiny's might,
In that moment, their fates intertwined tight,
Their eyes locked, hearts leapt without a care,
An everlasting fire began to flame,
Triumphantly, their love knew no bounds.

With fervent love, they transcended all bounds,

Their souls yearning for what they found,
Their spirits merged, a passionate flame,
Destined to soar high, against time's might,
Together, they defied the universe's care,
Their love, a tapestry intricately light.

But as the journey unfolds, not all is light,
Their souls tested, within sacred bounds,
The universe watches, with a tender care,
For the trials that await, where secrets are found,
Yet, they remain steadfast, against all might,
United, ablaze, they conquer every flame.

Their love, like the phoenix, rises from the flame,

© jaylinestarr💋