I question everything.
And that just speaks to my curiosity.
God speaking.
I used to get in trouble for asking,
Told I was argumentative.
How can you learn if not by asking?
But the truth is,
that's the greatest asset you have,
your curiosity.
And while the world will condemn you,
for seeking truth,
narrow minds off a narrow road,
the actual truth is,
to understand you need to ask yourself,
and others,
why things are the way they are?
Why they say you can't ask,
why they say,
“Because I said so.”
‘Cause at the end of the day,
and life is about what you know,
and what you learn.
Don't be so hard on yourself,
and others,
for not knowing what you know now.
Nor everyone can perceive what you can,
or what you can't.
That's not anyone's fault.
That's the reality of life.
That's the reality of growth.


© J.M.M.Powell