Why do people do bad things?
In shadows deep, where darkness thrives,
Whispers echo of fractured lives.
Within the heart, a conflict stirs,
Reasons obscured, motives blur.

Desire's flame may burn too bright,
Igniting paths that shun the light.
Yet, in the maze of human souls,
Complex tales of broken goals.

Temptation weaves its tangled thread,
A dance with demons, reason shed.
For in each heart, a battle fought,
Choices made, redemption sought.

Fear may drive to deeds unkind,
A desperate search for peace to find.
Yet, within the storm, a chance remains,
For hearts to mend and break the chains.

So ponder, friend, with empathy,
The roots of actions, tangled and free.
For in the tapestry of wrong and right,
Lies the essence of the human plight.
© Kira