The Girl With Cranes
Beyond the sun’s shadow, lay a land scorched and wan
crashing dreams, stolen by wars cruel band
Flames range, dispare drew in each lane
Stopped the bombing, a girl with paper cranes.

war and scar, yet the spirit endures
Smoke’s acrid smell, whispered through the lungs
shadows stretched far, reminding the wounds cut.
Hope took flight, wars wrath bestowed

Fingers weary, yet tirelessly they fold,
Each crane a testament to hope, to hold
A gift of gratitude, the past of strength
Builded cranes to get ahead.

Let her journey inspire, let her tale be told,
Of resilience in the face of trials untold.
For in the darkness, her light shall shine,
A survivor, resilient, against the ravages of time.

© Nazah Purnota