Love the key to success
A man once wandered, lost and alone
Searching for a life that felt like home
He searched far and wide, night and day
Until he saw her, and his heart found its way

Her smile lit up the world, like a shining light
Her laughter echoed, and his heart took flight
He knew in that moment, he'd found his way
To a life filled with love, and a heart that could stay

With her by his side, everything felt right
The world was full of color, and his heart was alight
He felt a sense of purpose, a sense of peace
A sense of belonging, a sense of release

He knew he'd found his partner, his best friend and guide
Together they'd navigate, life's ebb and tide
Through every up and down, through every high and low
Their love would be the anchor, that would help them grow

He was no longer lost, no longer alone
He'd found his home, in her loving tone
A love that accepted him, for who he was
A love that helped him grow, and showed him his worth

He knew he'd found the best life, when he saw her face
A life filled with love, and a heart that found its place.
© Becky_