Just like that...
Kiss me in the rain
Hard and slow
Hold my hands tighter
When I reach out for your hand
Dance with me
Like there's no tommorow
Teach me to love me
Tell me that it's okay to don't know how to dance
Look at my eyes
And tell me that you'll never hurt me intentionally
Hug me if I feel low
Teach me more kindness
Cry with me
Tell me you understand me
Tell me that whatever I say makes sense to you perfectly
Kiss me on forehead
Cheer for me the loudest in the crowd
Listen to me endlessly
Sing me a song that you wrote for me
Send me white roses randomly
Take my phone from me and order all the things from my wishlist
Pay my bills without letting me know
Show me how chivalrous a man could be in this era
Carry me to home when I'm drunk
Exchange our shoes when I'm tired in my heels
Put your coat over my dress
Baby me
just like that...