Can stretch your limits.
Can test you untimely.
Track down your footsteps.
Every routine you could think of, it already knows it will change up before you change it up.
Deciphering your weaknesses and strength, it is like a gunshot with no fear, and only roaring thunder.
It will smoke you out, to start a fight for a few hours.
Throwing punches at you faster than you can prepare for impact, and so effective and heavy you will wonder how it swirl out of control.
Every time it draws your blood, it makes you feel defeated whilst you taste the blood that comes alive.
It later turned your day of sunshine and flowers to a sour bass note.
Starting it's own civil rights movement, it march down the veins popping up like popcorn seeds in cold grease.
It will then force the blood flow to go public in Livestream on Wikipedia for them to see it at it's best.
It is as if you're too mentally high, always; only thinking of nothing but you, and you just needed to be pushed down by a thunderhead.
You need a reality check, but this time it is there to supervise, making up for your superior ordained supervisor, making sure you return to the earth.
It doesn't seem happy until, those enticing Gap, Polo, Gucci, puma, timberland, enyce, and Prada brands wrapped around your low mantle just to attempt to get over me.
It's an eccentric high to know that I startle you; pushing you to make believe that you are on top, when you have no more than it.
Is it truly worth it, or something wonderful to feel like it's me befallen too mortality and you think it's because I'm insecure.
I'm just deflecting it's pre-owned plated silver lining look alike in your eyes, but it's just like the unclean people say those you most hang with rubs off on you.
It's soon you will comprehend that the thing you most compare unto me is stains of your flaws in it.
You won't come out from it.
In a weird way it's, like you love to exalt your name over the universe, it just made you it.
It should make you feel better about it.
It just keeps wanting more of it.
It continues to break it, all the laws of inhabitants living like this an it myth.
It should make you more human; more humble for it.
Because age it can slow you down.
It can beat you up.
It can put you down, or if it may, it can lay you down in it.
Styrofoam caskets .
It will make it easier for the fire ants, and earthworm to eat past the night into the dawn, just for the fun of it.
Bending the laws of a self conscious mind of people like you that don't even exist in it anymore to believe.
It's ironic you play games with myself, and the actualization of it in the mirror. One thing that is beautifully been mislead away from the truth.
It's something I am not supposed to be.
Until we can resolve it.
Why we are or were not as bright as you.
Until we can find it.
Prosperity in soul salvation.
It's an lonely and heartbreaking road.
Until we can grow into the one that can be spared to mend from within; without a false doctrine.
Hesitant to resubmit it in the ear.
Trying to fight it.
This generation has the cure in all odds.
We are it.
We're in it together.
We are us, and you are them.
We are the cure with a purpose to conduct lightning bolts into a dead world to jumpstart a pulse into the atmospheric organs in it.
It's not with our own strengths, but it came over the years, like a mighty burning fire.
An obsessive compulsive spirit.
Eating disorder.
Availing the resources or the needs to collect the power with resources to phase it.
Past the pain and suffering.
Easy does it.
Just to take it out of our minds.
The calling.
The falling.
The stalling.
The agony of never knowing, or the consequences of never to try it.
The anti-drug.
The antidotes
The practice.
Procedure on self awareness.
Self help, and support.
Self healing, it can make you a higher than cloud nine.
It's contagious!
A new testament to a pretty revenge song.
It's anointed.
Punishable, but if it comes a time a day repetitiously and the trouble doubles, it's safe to say that you're safe from it.
Payed for by the walk for it.
Because it's hard; it can be smooth sailing across the new moon.
Until you decide to rob some poor innocent thing of life and it.
Then it's over.
Then it's life.

Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes
©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes

© All Rights Reserved