Wake Up Melanated People!
PSA Melanated People: As I can say that I am proud of my people finally being on a collective awakening and starting to see pass our past our pain and circumstances. We still have work to do. As weird and crazy as social media is it has allowed us to embrace each other and pursue our entrepreneur ambitions and get more self sufficient. But our youth is still blind and stagnant. We're not paying attention to what's going on in the world. There is a bird flu , There's ongoing wars in Palestine and Ukraine. The President of Russia is linking up with the President of North Korea. The rest of the world has no affinity for America. And they look at us like we're crazy. Like they kill you incarcerate you , treat you less then and constantly disrespect , discredit you as a people and we stay and still want their approval. What they don't get is we as melanated beings at heart are a loving and embracing people. Who've been taught to hate ourselves and love and seek approval from those who oppress us. But this is our home wether we originated from here or not. Have you notice they been taking down all of our most successful entertainers. Money is power and we've collectively been getting more of it and they see it. They see our eyes are opening and wether they admit it or not. A united melanated society would uproot everything they built against us. Pay attention why do you think President Putin showed pictures of Yeshua being a melanated being. In 2024. He's had that since he's been president so why now. My theory is if they go to war with America he's telling back people "Hey they lied to ya'll, so if we get into it with your government don't back them. Every one on this planet knows our strength. Trust that , call it being racist if you want. But we absolutely are a force to be reckoned with. Why do you think it's an agenda to make our men weak and feminine, have us wearing purses and nail polish. By making it seem like a rich thing! "Oh it's fashion. The stupid thing is , why are we doing things they don't even do , who's showing you to do it. 🤷🏼. As Black people we're innovative and want to be elite so if you tell us "Hey this is what the top guys do that have money". We will look to do it. It's the Kings and Queens nature in us. But the devil is a lie. It's to make us soft and not stand upright with our chest poked out saying we're taking all opponents. Not all But the racist whites are not afraid of us anymore because they gave us big bags , lots of weapons and are making the successful among us weak and feminine. Think about it When in history have we had this much money in our communities. When in history have young black men had this many guns , like im 46 and I can't get one.Its 16 year olds being caught with 40 glock switches with hundred round drums , they have AR- 15 military grade weapons. Where are they coming from in so much abundance. We need to wake up as a people. The world is about to go to war and we will be collateral damage if we don't pay attention!
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