Hidden Truths
In the silence of the deepest night,
Lies the realm of untold truths, out of sight.
Whispers of secrets that hide away,
In the shadows where they forever stay.

Untold truths, like buried treasure deep,
Hidden in the soul's eternal keep.
Yearning to break free and be revealed,
But by fear and doubt they are sealed.

Behind the masks we all wear,
Lies the untold truths we dare not share.
Deep emotions and hidden scars,
Locked away behind invisible bars.

But in the depths of our being,
Where reality and illusion are fleeing,
The untold truths beg to be released,
For in their freedom, there lies peace.

So let us confront and embrace,
The untold truths, in love and grace.
For in their honesty, we find our strength,
And in their light, we find our truest self, at length.

~Awaleen Nazira