Everything and Nothing
You are the lips that border the smile,
And the teeth that tear the flesh.
The cherry, bright and viscous
Flowing loosely off the tongue.
For eyes to linger, question,
Which fruit was plucked to bite?
You are the will of animals,
Cornered, prime and wild.
The grit and gall of parasites,
Burrowed deep into the wood.

You are the arms that hold me tight,
Keeping me from harm,
And delivering me from freedom.
You are the sneaky, sideways glimpse,
You are the ever-watchful gaze,
You are the scanning, jealous glare.
At times the silent butterfly,
Relaying through the blossoms,
With no discernible schedule.
Then you are a great winged beast,
Of myth and children's nightmares,
Ripping time asunder.

You are the scent of a sweet lime,
And the bitter aftertaste.
You are the hook and loop closure
And the shrieking separation.

I am everything and nothing.
The weakest light that edges
On your event horizon,
Soon to be swollowed deep,
Forevermore extinguished,
Within your secret core.

All in the name of love.