fucked up nostrils
I can't breathe with my nose
I really do hate this feeling
That I did to myself
And will do again

I sure hope I can soon
I really like the escape
Feeling sober makes me feel
Like I am a poet

As I'm scrolling through Writco
I only see pain
Writers who hate their life
I want to give them a line

They will see what it's like
To feel good for a while
And probably miss all they felt
When it's gone just as I did

But I cannot inspire
Those who are sober to use
It will kill them all slowly
Faster than their depression

The same goes for my friends
Who have only drank and used nature
While they may die inside
I can't let a blissful cure kill them faster

Instead they must live
And feel sadness much more
Knowing it will probably be longer
Until their in a grave

I tell them if I could go back
I would have always been sober
They probably know that's a lie
And that I'm really just selfish

I want the drugs to myself
You guys cannot die with me
I like to be near yall
But I search the floor for powder crumbs

With an endless fountain of powder
You would all get some lines
And die faster but happy
But I'd need an endless fountain of more
© speed