You’ve been down too long and forgotten how to fly because your wings haven’t been used for far too much time.
You’ve been fighting to survive as long as you can remember and you’re exhausted, I know.
Every day, it seems like you’re beaten down, walked on and it seems everywhere you turn is another disaster waiting to happen.
I know you feel lost, defeated and unable to keep going..
But that’s not who you are.
Yes, I’m talking to you.
You are not defined by your struggles and your failures aren’t who you are.
You’ve always found a way to pick yourself up, lift your head up and find a way through the darkness.
I know your soul is weary and your heart is exhausted..
But don’t give up..
You’re on the edge of something much bigger and the best is yet to come..It's hjust around the corner.
It’s easy to stop believing in yourself and lose hope when you’ve been on the brink of breaking down so often.
If you can’t believe in yourself anymore, take some of my belief in you, because I believe in you enough for both of us.
I won’t tell you it will be easy, painless or smooth sailing,
But I can tell you that it’s worth it and you can do it.
You don’t know how, for you don’t see the light leading you from the dark..
Stop looking with your eyes and start feeling with your soul.
Your heart has been trying to speak to you for the longest time..you’ve just stopped listening.
You know the way back, you’ve just forgotten it for so long.
Yes, you’re going to need to claw your way out of the struggle.
Yes, you will have to walk through the fire.
Yes, you’re going to fall before you rise..
But that’s where your new story begins.
Close the chapter on the past and all the pain it has brought you..
You can’t fly high if you’re burdened with the baggage of where you’ve been.
Never forget the road you traveled, but learn from it, don’t carry it with you.
It’s not your burden to bear.
Cast aside those feelings of worthlessness and start looking within for your magic that you’ve lost along the way.
Once you start loving yourself again, rediscovering your magic and clawing your way out of the abyss, you’ll begin to see the way back to your wings..
And then, darling, you can fly to places you once only dreamt of.
The people that won’t support you and try to bring you down...leave them behind.
The ones that love and accept you will lift you higher and be there every step of the way.
This is your time, a new day and a rebirth of everything that you are and should become.
Take back your magic, find yourself and start believing again, no matter how slow you have to go..you’ll get there.
One day, many months into the future, you’ll look back and see me smiling-
For I knew you were always meant to rise above and fly high..
It’s your time to shine.
Fly high, fly free and always, no matter what happens..
just keep flying, Fly baby Fly
© All Rights Reserved