Treasure Trove of the Almighty's words
The book that enchanted me with its beauty
Lost I am always am
while wallowing in its melody
No one can write one to match it in a rivalry
It surely would defeat all
In wordings and beauty triumphantly

Revealed in the best of nights
To the best of men
In the best of months

Revealed in a night
Where all plight
Leaves man's sight

Better than a thousand
On normal month
So is that night
surely the book revealed would be bright

A book of light
Shinning so bright
It guides all those who accept its light

A book like no other
Solution to all bother
Of man and his brothers

Its guidance
Leads man to eternal radiance
All the way to paradise

AL-QURAAN, A timeless guide
The guide for all mankind to abide
Its wordings are of love and light
To help us live right

Its verses bring peace to the heart
And make worries and fears depart
Through every trial and test
It remains the place for rest

Its verses are a source of hope
And teach us how to truly cope
When we face challenges
And we're probably covered in bandages

It teaches us to be kind and just
And that putting our faith in Allah, we must
A Guide to a life of righteousness
And a source of happiness

Its teachings are a source of inspiration
For all of humanity, without discrimination
It guides us towards harmony
Teaches us about being the best we can be

While we are enchanted by its beauty
And wallowing in its melody
Let's all treat the Quraan with care
Let's let its teaching be our guiding flare
For in its word, we find our way
To a life of goodness every day

I ask Allah to bless us with his light
And guide us with his insight
To follow the Quraan
And be the best we can be


I am feeling like writing more can't stop describing the poetical masterpiece
I feel maybe I should write a part two what'd you think?
Day 11/100