Ethereal Grace
Your eyes are like a starry night,
Your lips are like a sweet delight.
Your skin is soft, your touch so kind,
In your love, my heart does find.

I'm swept away, consumed by the night.
With each passing day, my love burning bright,
I find myself blinded, unable to see,
The flaws that may reside in you, sweet and free.

Darling, you possess an ethereal grace,
Transcending all boundaries, time cannot erase,
Your presence, a melody that stirs my soul,
In your embrace, completeness takes its toll.

Oh, how I'm captivated, completely entranced,
By the fire in your eyes, the way you entrance.
In this realm, honey, I leave caution behind,
For your love, I'm fervent, my heart intertwines.

Perfection, I deem you, upon this stage,
A vision, an enigma, on passion's page,
But dear, let me gather my reflective thought,
For in devotion's haze, naught can be sought.

Yet still, I sing praises of your boundless charm,
With eyes closed tight, I weave this love's sweet yarn,
Such is the grip of infatuation's snare,
Filling me with dreams beyond compare.

I traverse through valleys, unknown and wild,
With every step, I'm driven, like a child.
Through perilous waters and treacherous lands,
My devotion unwavering, steadily stands.

I'll brave any danger, for you, my sweet one,
For our love has a power that can't be undone.
Like a rose in the storm, I stand tall and strong,
Ready to fight, should anything go wrong.

Your love is like a raging fire,
It burns my soul with deep desire.
Your touch ignites my wildest dreams,
And makes my heart with passion teems.

Like autumn leaves, drifting in the breeze,
My heart trembles, longing for sweet ease.
I'll go to any lengths, brave any storm,
To keep you close, to keep our love warm.

Though shadows may loom, threatening our embrace,
I'll shield you from harm, with tender grace.
With an armor of love, I'll protect and defend,
Forever, my darling, until the very end.

I'll be your compass, guiding you near,
Washing away all the doubt and fear.
Hand in hand, we'll face each trial and test,
Our love unwavering, surpassing the rest.

Love knows no bounds, no boundaries restrain,
It blazes, it soars, it conquers all pain.
Together we'll conquer the dangers we find,
Hand in hand, side by side, forever entwined.

Baby, I'd journey through hell,
Ready to commit, in your name, I'll spell.
And I'd gladly die,
To know that you're the one by my side.
I'll go to any lengths to keep you near,
'Cause you're my joy, my love, my dearest dear.
I'd answer to your every call.
I'd do it all,
I'd do it all,
I'd do it all,
I'll risk all for you, for your heart's sake.

© Flynn Caulfield

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