Leather Jacket Allure-ess
As the sun glazes a girl in its warm breath,
On a summers day it eminates her steps,
Making her feel like a leather jacket allure-ess,
Little does she know, mother nature loves her feminine energy,
So with her will she flatter unapologetically,
Positive karma chases her gilded cloak,
Watering her like the fields of meadow.

The day's bright with good intension,
When she goes by, in their eyes she pretends not to see suspension,
Leather jacket allure-ess has comphehension,
Entertainment is what she desires, so give her exemption,
People listen to her every mention,
Yet they get so lost in her eyes,
They couldn't replicate her words if they tried.

Leather jacket allure-ess is cursed,
For on people her words only have one type of worth,
She has advantages still, so she will thrive,
Mother nature cares for her as she strives,
Bathing her erotic cape in golden light.
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