Love Me or Hate Me
She says she likes older guys,
And I can’t stop aging.
I try not to think about it,
But eternity is paging.
She likes my songs,
A few are about her.
Sometimes I make her pause,
Mostly she ain’t too sure.

Love me or hate me,
But take me as I am.
You don’t have to tell me lies,
You just got to give a damn.
Love me or hate me,
But think of me as you will.
Just give me your everything,
And die upon that hill.

She ain’t sure what she likes,
But she knows what hits a nerve.
Most people just frustrate her,
She hopes they get what they deserve.
She likes my songs,
Thinks I should write about what I know.
But I don’t know much these days,
I just need to let it all go.

Love me or hate me,
But take me if you can.
You don’t have to stay forever,
Just be my biggest fan.
Love me or hate me,
Damn it, do it with passion.
But strike while the iron’s hot,
Before I’m out of fashion.

She claims she misses me,
When I’m gone for long stretches.
She don’t like to play games,
Like a dog that never fetches.
She’s moved on in her mind,
But not nearly in her heart.
It’s remembering those feelings,
That is truly the best part.

She says she don’t want me,
But I think that’s a lie.
I tell her that she loves me,
And she reacts with a sigh.
She likes my songs,
A few she’d rather forget.
She’s waiting for a better offer,
But she hasn’t gotten one yet.

Love me or hate me,
But take me for a ride.
Tear down those walls,
Let me slide up inside.
The only heart broken,
Is one that’s been denied.
I ain’t gonna hurt you,
But I might bruise your pride.

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