Come See Me Tonight
Come see me tonight, if it's only in my dreams,
wrap me in your arms and whisper in my ear. Your soft tender voice echoed the melody of love,
our soul rekindles and embraces the beauty of love. let me ignite the passion in your soul.

In the hush of night, a tender plea,"come see me," whispers, soft decree.Dreams embrace, a clandestine flight, our spirits dance, in moon's soft light.

Wrap me in your warm blanket, a gentle fold,
silent whispers, love untold. Ephemeral meeting in slumber's domain, a rendezvous where fantasies reign.

Your words, a melody in the silent air, in dreams, your beauty, beyond compare. Night's tapestry weaves, a love decree, you are so beautiful," echoes endlessly.

In the realm of dreams, where shadows play, our souls entwine, in a moonlit ballet. Through whispered winds and starry gleams, together we linger, in ethereal dreams.

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