The Queen Of Holiday Heartache
Wonderland lived up to its name,
No two days ever being the same.
Dashing white rabbits and constant tea parties.
Showing all of the chaos the land's name embodies.

Yet, at holiday time all the land would grow nervous,
Especially those that were in the Queen's service.
They all knew the Queen only longed for one thing.
To have a mate beside her who could call himself King.

Everyone knew that no comfort would soothe her,
And that she always rejected every possible suitor.
And the lack of a lover made her lonely and bitter.
So, they kept their heads down and eyes low throughout winter.

It happened one day, a new man came to town.
And the whispers of hope soon became a low growl.
All of the residents prayed he'd be the one,
To marry the Queen and to bring back the sun.

He pranced through the crowd to the doors of Her court.
He looked less a monarch and more a winner of sports.
The doors then did open and granted him to enter,
He strutted right in as if already the winner.

For her hand was a prize that many hoped to earn.
He knew her reputation and the bridges she'd burned,
But his confidence was evident in his smile and his swagger,
Though just as a backup, his boot hid a dagger.

The Queen entered in, so stately and regal,
With the rabbit, and guards, and her favorite pet beagle.
She sat her throne softly as if it were made of glass,
And opened the forum for what the prince would ask.

"Dear lady,....Your Majesty, I've been told of your beauty,
And of all that my father might bestow unto me,
If I could gain your hand and unite both our realms,
But I'd rather skip pretenses and tell you more of myself."

This peacock was brave to be blunt in this venue,
The Queen showed no emotion as she nodded ,"Continue."
"I'm the second son of a wizened old king,
But as you are also royalty, you know what that will mean for me,
A diplomatic position, or a general at best,
But I'd prefer my skills get put to a real test."

"If I acquire the "yes" to our union,
I don't care for father's gifts, I'd rather stop my exclusion,
From building something great that will rival my father,
If I stayed head of state there's no reason to bother."

The Queen looked at him thoughtfully as she gauged his request.
She the fact that he'd done it at his father's behest.
He'd told on his people. Betrayed them to her.
She weighed just how much that information was worth.

"You'd turn on your people? To be my husband to be?
How do I know you won't turn traitor on me?"
With a flick of her wrist, she had the guards seize him.
There's nothing he could say, that would convince her to believe him.

The next day the prince was removed from his head.
A letter sent to his father to tell is his death.
Right back to eggshells, the people did go.
And The Queen back to moping, cause she was bitter and alone.

© The Moonlight Bard