i lost myself
i fell in love
i fell in love with a soul
for which i can't help but think
it's sent straight from above

my mood now depends
only on his actions
and with him in my class
i cannot focus on basic fractions

my happiness can be measured
only with his smiles
and if i'm the reason
i go through all the files
to see which one of my desperate actions he likes

he's focused only on himself
and i think it's a good choice
but i just can't help it
my head keeps repeating his voice

if only we were together
maybe i would have gotten his sweater
maybe we would have kissed
with the picture of us in my mind
i can guarantee you he will never ever not be missed

i fell in love with him
and i liked the way it felt
for him to find it
i even put my heart on shelf
but in the proces
i lost myself
© maritamrvica