Your lips,
They do so much more
Than assure and reassure
That you love me.
They do so much more
Than let me know if I've hit the spot,
Or to the left I should go,
To find that good spot.
Literally, your lips
Spoke me into conviction
And now love I believe in.
Your lips,
The first time I kissed ,
I swear with you I felt in sync,
I guess that's why they call it ' lip syncing ', probably not,
Or is it because when our lips touched,
They sent me into the deep end
And literally I sank,
You had me lip sinking.

Your eyes.
Nobody ever believes that I've been to outer space,
Or that I've once caught myself in the middle of the Ocean,
For a second and swam to shore,
I also find it hard to believe
That like crystal ball I see my future in your eyes,
Literally, your eyes,
I see you seeing me falling in love,
They speak to me words like promises,
To which I feel incarcerated,
I'm bound to this love,
Your eyes I'm charmed like snake,
Literally, I swear.

Your curves,
Literally, this right here is not exaggeration,
Yours are those that I failed to comprehend in math class back in high school,
And still don't,
Literally, I figure,
I figure your figure has me figured out,
I figure your finger needs a ring,
I figure you'll say yes,
My fingers I have crossed,
I figure you've figured I love you,
I can't hide it, I don't lie,
Like your curves, them hips don't lie,
Literally, your curves,
I think have me enslaved,
Literally to them I'm chained,
Literally, I swear.

Your skin,
With yours I've deduced
Africa knows real beauty,
Naturally made up,
It has the type of glow,
A sparkle that stars envy,
the type to make flames ignite,
Open minds, insight,
That pure, granite, explosive dynamite,
Literally, recently, it's seemingly,
Vividly, fervently flawless,
I swear, it's perfect.
© eommoe