Can't hold longer
Days of my life
Seems reaching the end
Nothing left back and froth
Tried turning every stone back.

To my surprise
No trouble left unfamiliar
Every problem attended
The celebration of my departure..

Those are the days
where I was surrounded by
Thousands of people,still
lonliness remained my bestie...

Days are turning worst
Heart is weighing more than limit
I know I can't hold longer
I can see the darkness coming

To captivate me in it's grip
I have no light left to escape
No way left familiar either
Nothing bothers me now
Nor anything makes me happy either.

Millions of untold stories
Ready to bury along with me
Pages of my book still remained unturned
but still they are damp and tattered

Waiting for the day
When everything reaches the end
Waiting waiting waiting for the last breath
I can't hold back any longer.....

© saధना🖌️