To learn something is not easy
To learn difficult lessons are harder
To know that not everything
That you love is meant for you
Is the one of that hard lessons I got
To love someone deeply and
To be loved back with same intensity
Are two different things
Yet connected strongly
To love someone
And being right for someone aren't the same thing
When we talk about love
Why it is picturized like loving some person only
Why can't different places,
Sunrises,sunsets, colors, rainbow,rain
laughs, voices,
Books, movies, music are not included
To understand the depth of love.
And once in Life,
You will realize that
Some loves stay for a lifetime
And some stay for a little while.
Some places are your forever home and
Some are temporary.
Some voices are constant
And some will echo
And some will disappear.
But at the end both sides of a coin are important
And So does the lessons of Life
Easy or hard
Both matter
© Geeta Dhulia