Cowardest Star
How can we shine when we are weak?

How can we shine when the sun,
takes up the space in the sky?

How can we shine if the purpose,
seems to simply collapse?

How can we make amends,
where a bridge has already burned?

How does the night sky shine,
over all of our pain and insecurities?

Why did I meet you if I wouldn't,
be able to keep you as a friend?

Why do we seem to endlessly go,
pursuing worthless joy and gold?

I saw it in your eyes, saw it in you,
you explained to me I was worth everything.

I saw it in myself, that I needed you,
but the weight of opinions held tight.

Why do we ever do anything in life,
if in the end we are going to die?

God's haven't given me an answer,
and the atheism not a salvation.

You showed me the stars with scars,
can shine in a unique light.

When I'm weak and feeling sick,
I'll carry on your stardust heart.

I know I never reached back again,
though I wanted to many times.

Maybe I'm the cowardest star,
the moon ain't never shine that bright.

How will who I am, be what you are?

© dats_poetry