My friend

In tapestry of time were friendships bloom,
A poem of "our" bond, beyond the gloom.
My friend, a child, a joy divine, gentle,
A smile that glows, like the sun will shine.
An authentic bond, putting heart at peace,
An adventurous tale, so hard to leave.

She, my queen, with a touch of craziness,
A beauty that sparks, an endless bliss.
A smiley princess, in laughter crowned,
In every joy and tear, our hearts are bound.

Not held by possessive grasp,
Encouraged to fly, in life's vast grasp.
Through challenges faced, hand in hand,
Our friendship's roots, forever stand.
Devotion weaves a comforting, true rhyme,
For my true companions beyond space and time.

In the genuine glow of hope,
Our paths may meander, but together we cope.
For in the authentic embrace of the future's light,
A heartfelt reunion awaits, in destiny's true sight

© Aboorva