Budding Storms
139:3.2 This able apostle was a temperamental contradiction; he seemed really to possess two natures, both of which were actuated by strong feelings. He was particularly vehement when his indignation was once fully aroused. He had a fiery temper when once it was adequately provoked, and when the storm was over, he was always wont to justify and excuse his anger under the pretense that it was wholly a manifestation of righteous indignation. Except for these periodic upheavals of wrath, James’s personality was much like that of Andrew. He did not have Andrew’s discretion or insight into human nature, but he was a much better public speaker. Next to Peter, unless it was Matthew, James was the best public orator among the twelve.
Budding Storms
Summer heat, yet it’s still Spring.
A few days left till our skies sing.
Summer solstice will occur.
The summer starts, more heat for sure!

Storms occur, they always do.
I pray bad dreams do not come true.
I’m prepared as best I know.
There’s no basement here for me to go.

The center where my home is strongest
Not the loft which is the highest.
If storms take me by surprise
The center’s where I may survive.

In any case, it’s best to have
A plan in mind, just do the math.
Preparedness, no need to panic.
Follow through, don’t become frantic!

If there’s time, drive to a shelter.
Five minutes away, so Helter skelter.
Lots will try to go there too.
Basements here are scarce, it’s true.

You can feel, the air gets heavy
Before a storm please think, get ready.
But also demo Faith you have.
The way ahead grows from the past.

Thank You, Father, we will see
What this day holds and what will be.
I’ll try to watch and be prepared
As storms exist, I’m well aware!
Paul Anderson

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